Toby Carrodus: most well-known and respected names in tattooing today

Toby Carrodus is one of the most well-known and respected names in tattooing today, known for his masterful redwork style. A recent article by Bart Bartholomew at called “12 Ink Masters That You Should Follow On Instagram” featured Toby Carrodus on this list. Toby won’t let anyone down with their art, so head to his Instagram account to see more.

His Achievements:

Toby Carrodus is an Australian tattoo artist who has mastered the art of tattooing since 2008. In 2010, he earned first place and the People’s Choice Award at the Australian Tattoo Art Expo. Toby is known for his significant following in social media and has been featured in various publications, including Lowrider Magazine, The Examiner, and Tattoo Life Magazines. Aside from his tattoos and artwork, Toby Carrodus is respected for giving back to his community by providing free tattoos for those who cannot afford them.


Toby’s tattoos are typically very detail-oriented and lush, with easy-to-read symbols and designs. The most common color scheme involves blue and black, but he also specializes in colorful, modern styles that are both intricate and colorful. His background takes inspiration from Australian street art, graffiti, and traditional tattooing techniques. Although he is a master of several different methods, Toby Carrodus prefers the way he creates his work by using his hands to create an organic flow. He believes this technique makes each tattoo unique, whether it is a straightforward redwork or an intricate Japanese pattern. Toby Carrodus is also a great artist to follow on Instagram, as he often posts photos of his artwork, and followers can see the details and process that goes into every intricate tattoo.

He also is involved with several different charities and events, including an annual fundraiser for Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Toby’s studio has been recognized by many other tattoo artists around the world as well, who have traveled to Australia to collaborate with him on projects or even meet Toby in person.