Wes Edens:National Fuel Energy Corporation

These agreements, first unveiled on 5 July, also involve extending and expanding NFE’s capacity of natural gas to multiple energy generating plants within the state of Veracruz and selling off NFE’s 135 MW La Paz power station to CFE.” We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed MOUs with CFE Energy and Pemex today. These agreements signal our intent to begin production of our fuel source in Mexico before the end of 2023 and provide us access to large quantities of natural gas throughout North America. We proudly announce that we’re partnering with CFE to deliver our first FLNG vessel by 2023. Our goal is to build an LNG hub off the Coast of Altamira to export gas to countries across the globe. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey,” Wes Edens says.

In July 2022, National Fuel Energy Corporation (NFE) commenced commercial operations of a liquefied natural gas regasification terminal in Port Pichilangui, La Paz, Michoacan. The terminal, equipped with NFE’s proprietary ISOFLEX technology, will supply natural gas to electric power plants within Mexico’s energy-starved Pacific Coast. These include a new 400-megawatt gas-fired power plant built by CFE and another 300-MW power station under construction by CFE subsidiary Energia Mexicana de Electricidad.

To reduce the number of trucks involved, we developed our ISO transfer system. We’ve designed the entire process so that only one truck can move the cargo. First, the LNG is loaded into a small tanker ship called the “transfer ship.” The transfer ship receives the LNG from the NFFE vessel via the use of two large ocean boom cranes. Once the transfer ship reaches its destination, the cargo is offloaded from the transfer ship and placed into ISO container modules. These modules can be lifted out of the water and transported to customers’ locations without special equipment.

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