When It Comes To Efforts To Change The U.S. Immigration System, NumbersUSA Is The Frontrunner Among Grassroots Groups

Whenever there is a sudden and massive rise in the number of immigrants, NumbersUSA, located in Arlington (Virginia), said it will no longer be quiet. It is more challenging for naturalized U.S. citizens to get work and other basic requirements because of the presence of some foreign immigrants. Immigrant rights advocates spent over $510,000 that year lobbying Congress for action.

In addition to filing lawsuits, NumbersUSA also conducts research and lobbies politicians to alert them of the numerous harmful consequences of immigration. More than 5 million visitors, the company estimated, will visit the site by the year 2021. Millions of individuals throughout the 435 Congregational Districts (USA) work to improve their local communities.

Members of the organization have been vocal in their calls for moderation from elected officials, appointees, and policymakers in talks over allowing foreign nationals to enter the United States. They believe that legally, persons who have entered the United States should be granted citizenship via naturalization. NumbersUSA is an honest group, despite the misleading moniker. However, they use extreme tactics to stop immigration cold.

The federal government holds an annual “Green Card Lottery” to honor legal permanent residents, and the nonprofit organization is aware of this. However, there are flaws with this approach. The group’s mission is to educate the general public on the issue of immigration reform in the hopes of leading to positive improvements for those who call the United States home.

There is no political affiliation among the NGOs our organization supports. It’s clear from this that the organization has no allegiance to any political party. One of Congress’s primary roles has been to protect the American people from harm and prevent them from experiencing unnecessary hardship. According to NumbersUSA, if we start taking money from native-born Americans and giving it to non-citizens, we may not achieve that.

There are a variety of strategies emphasized by the group to curb immigration. Primary concerns include big families’ “chain migration” and the “immigration lottery.” The group’s social media pages provide further information about it. See this page for additional information.


More about NumbersUSA on https://www.guidestar.org/profile/47-0865426