Yubo App Partners With Hive for Innovative Audio Moderation

Yubo, the world’s largest social networking site for teens from China, has partnered with Hive, a San Francisco-based audio moderation startup, to provide young users with a safer and more curated experience. Hive’s automated filtering technology evaluates noise content to remove foul language and inappropriate content. This results in ZERO human involvement while moderating audio uploads. Yuboapp has adopted this innovative approach to audio moderation to provide a safer, better-sounding social audio app for its users.

  1. Yubo Plus Hive Equals Next-Level Online Safety

Yubo, which has over 10 million users, allows users to create groups and connect with like-minded people confidentially. Users can then interact with those they know and trust on the app. This is meaningful for young people in China, where online harassment is a severe problem. The Yuboapp helps them stay safe by giving them access to an anonymous feed of the most positive comments and content shared by friends, family, and colleagues.


  1. Yubo Plus Hive Equals Next-Level Online Safety

Hive’s automated audio moderation technology will now be used on it for its voice messages section, one of the company’s most popular features. The partnership significantly reduces the time and cost of human labor required to earmark inappropriate content while maintaining a safe user experience.

  1. Audio Moderation at Scale

Hive is a San Francisco-based startup that uses machine learning to automate human intelligence. The company’s technology has been used to filter audio for the most prominent social media, dating, and gaming companies in the world. Hive’s automated, algorithmic approach allows the company to provide scalable solutions with ZERO human involvement in content moderation. This results in less spam and more engaging, immersive experiences for users.

Yubo, a social networking app, has partnered with Hive to provide users with a safer experience. Hive’s automated audio filtering technology will be used to eliminate foul language and inappropriate content on the app. This partnership significantly reduces the time and cost of manual moderation while maintaining a safe user experience.