Yubo Participates In Safer Internet Day 2023

Yubo, Generation Z’s top live social discovery app, is devoted to providing its users with a secure online environment. For Safer Internet Day 2023, the Firm has designed an in-app safety campaign and worked with two reputable Organizations, Childnet and Respect Zone, to promote this goal. The event took place on February 7 with the theme of Creating Space for Discussions about Life Online. With the relationship between Yubo and both organizations, information was delivered to help young people be safe online.

Yubo has also established an industry-leading age verification system that mandates 100 percent age verification before app use. This procedure is simplified by the 98.9 percent accurate technology of digital identification specialist Yoti, which works across all skin tones, ages and genders. In addition, privacy and security concerns are considered since European data privacy laws mandate standards that conform to privacy by design requirements about linking face images to actual person identities.

Yubo has also included the Muted Words tool, which enables users to specify phrases and emojis they wish to avoid in their talks. The site also enforces its Community Standards by allowing users to report possible infractions or offensive language by clicking on a shield symbol. Yubo is the first social media app to combine real-time audio and video moderation for live streams, while AI algorithms evaluate screenshots of every live stream every second for inappropriate or hazardous material.

Yubo’s dedication to online user safety is bolstered by its Safety Board, which comprises specialists from organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Thorn, INTERPOL and The Diana Award. Through these initiatives and partnerships with reputable non-governmental organizations such as Childnet and Respect Zone for Safer Internet Day 2023, the Company remains committed to providing young people safe opportunities to share their opinions to create the most positive online community experience possible.