The Vision of Jason Hope on the Internet of Things and Anti-Aging Research

When people talk about innovative minds, they cannot fail to mention Jason Hope. He is one of the most influential internet gurus in the modern world. He has built his identity on solving problems using different technology resources. Also, Jason is bold in making future predictions involving technology evolution. Jason graduated from the W.P. Carey […]

Keter Sustainability Efforts

Keter’s creator, Alejandro Pena, has made ESG initiatives a cornerstone of the business’s objectives and approach to functioning in a larger macro environment. Keter’s complex ESG strategy involves battling climate change and decreasing waste, ensuring everyone in our communities has a healthy life and collaborating with employees on these projects. A Step Ahead Most firms […]

Jonas Lauren Norr

Jonas Lauren Norr is the co-founder of the Jonas Lauren Company and is known for the Jonas Lauren typeface. Jonas has said he wanted to design a typeface that would be “clean, timeless, functional [and] readable online” and created the font specifically for use on screen. Through his typography work, Jonas offers his insights into […]

What Is The Alliance Defending Freedom?

Founded in 1994, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a legal organization committed to protecting religious and other fundamental freedoms for people of all faiths. ADF has become one of the largest and most successful religious liberty law firms in the United States, having taken on more than 500 cases in its 28-year history. Alliance […]