How Don Manifold Helps Generate Wealth for Others

Don Manifold is a managing director at Equity & Advisory, a well-known corporate advisory company in South Australia. Before his current role, Don worked in South Australia as the managing partner for EY. Manifold’s career began in Adelaide, and he has held positions in big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and London, before coming back to […]

Grammy Nominee Margie Hauser Discusses The Music Industry

Margie Hauser is a respected music industry veteran with over three decades of experience. She began her career in artist management, representing top artists such as The Go-Gos and The Bangles. Throughout her career, she has been a champion for the creative community and a trusted advisor to many artists, songwriters, and industry professionals. Here […]

Mo Katibeh Summarizes the Importance of these Skills for Aspiring Executives

Business communications are the foundation of business. If it’s absent, nothing will happen. Every business executive and manager must grasp how to communicate effectively in today’s global marketplace. Mo Katibeh summarizes the importance of these skills for aspiring executives and managers to ensure their business success. Business communication conveys information, feelings, thoughts, and ideas from […]

Tom Keane: Geospatial imagery unlocks new cloud computing scenarios on Azure

On April 14, 2016, Microsoft Corporation announced the next release of Azure as Preview Edition and it was announced and led by software developer and cloud services engineer Tom Keane. With a new feature called Geospatial Domain Services on Azure, this release brings new scenarios for cloud computing developers to create and use geospatial imagery […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz: His Impact On The Industry

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the initiator and CEO of Arlequim Technologies, an innovative Brazilian software and services company focused on helping businesses streamline and optimize their operations. Haroldo founded the company, and since then, it has grown to become one of the most respected technology firms in the country. Haroldo’s vision for Arlequim was to create […]