Academy of Art University Courses For The New Season

Academy of Art University is far ahead of the pack when learning how to prepare students for real-world jobs. Courses designed by veteran designer instructors who know exactly how to navigate graduates through the thicket of today’s job market, graduates leave AAU with the skills needed to succeed, no matter their profession.

Fashion is one of those things where it becomes increasingly difficult to stay fresh. But these fashion grads step up their game every year – and their work speaks for itself. Their innovative perspective and creative eye are what sets them apart. Their ability to create something unique out of nothing is pretty impressive too! The fashion industry had come a long way since the days when sewing was considered an occupation fit only for women. Today, the skills in tailoring men’s clothing are just as important as those used to make women’s apparel. In addition, these same skills can help prepare individuals interested in careers in graphic arts, patternmaking, and illustration.

At the Academy of Art University (AAU), we offer diverse courses designed to develop creative talent and foster artistic innovation among our students. We also recognize that career preparation—in particular, developing critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork—is equally essential for all artists regardless of gender or profession.

In keeping with the Academy of Art University’s commitment to education, classes combine a solid foundation with hands-on practical experience. Hence, students leave with skills they can immediately apply toward a career in the fashion industry. Students benefit from individual attention from dedicated practitioners in the field, allowing them to explore new ideas and learn how to translate those into successful results. Each program is structured around the student’s needs, providing opportunities for success inside and outside the classroom.

The Academy of Art University is known for providing an environment where students have unique opportunities to realize their goals. They offer many options to make your fashion career successful, such as participating in fashion weeks and building portfolios of creative designs. You do not need previous experience to enroll in the School of Fashion, but each student must graduate with a portfolio of completed projects. Get more information here: