Alex Pissios Brings More to Chicago


When Covid-19 hit the world, it put many projects either on hold or just down right canceling them. Such is the case with Alex Pissios and two of his endeavors: One Golden Summer and Wizdom. However, since the simmering down of the initial pandemic, Pissios was pleased to report that the production of these projects has picked back up. 

The first project follows the story of the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal, which changed the lives of a team of 12-year-old boys following their rise to stardom as inspirations for the city of Chicago and their fall at the hands of claims of cheating from a rival coach during a match for the U.S. Title. The documentary plans on focusing on the players in their current years as 20 and 21-year-olds, with themes of lost innocence and resilience. The film is set to release in 2023.

The next project is Wizdom which is a sci-fi series that takes place in the future where Earth only has a few daylight hours and follows two professional thieves who live on the outskirts of a neon colony. A colony that is under the control of a biotech corporation called the titular Wizdom. The characters carry out a plan on stealing materials from the company in an attempt to create a drug that has the potential to show people the future, even becoming their own guinea pigs in the process. 

There’s then discussions about Alex Pissios extending his reach to Greece with a potential purchase of a studio in the country known for its clear waters and blue roofs. Alex Pissios even goes into how he has always had a fondness for the country due to his familial connections to the land, specifically the man he calls his uncle: Mirkopoulos. 

This leans into more how Pissios got more involved with Cinespace, helping his uncle open a branch in the United States, during a massive low in Alex’s life. When his uncle passed, he stood as the CEO of Cinespace until he sold it in 2021.