Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom is a company that is committed to protecting and fighting for the rights of citizens. One of the main areas that this company is focused on is religious liberty. They believe that every person has the right to explore their faith in a way that they see fit. They also believe that right to religious liberty is protected by the constitution.

Alliance Defending Freedom has helped with many legal cases concerning religious liberty, such as the Arlene’s Flowers case. This is a case where a florist was sued because she did not want to floral arrangement for a same sex wedding. She cited her religious beliefs as a reason she did not want to make the floral arrangement. She even referred the couple to three other florists who would be happy to make the floral arrangement.

ADF believes that no one should be forced to do things that violate their religious beliefs. They also believe that the government should not violate religious liberty either. Freedom of speech is another cause that this organization advocates for.

They fought for the rights of Michelle Gregoire, who was the creator of the Young Americans for Liberty Club. Michelle was told that she and her friends could not hand out a pocket-sized copy of the constitution. The students were arrested. Fortunately, the Alliance Defending Freedom was able to make sure that Michelle and every other student had the right to exercise freedom of speech.

Additionally, the Alliance Defending Freedom is passionate about the right to human life. They believe in advocating for the unborn and those who are already here. They fought for Jesse Ramirez, who was a Gulf War Veteran. Jesse was seriously injured in a car accident. Jesse’s wife and doctors wanted to remove the feeding tube. However, Jesse’s sister wanted the feeding tube to stay in.

The ADF fought for Jesse’s right to live. He woke up out of the coma a short time later. He was also able to walk out of the rehabilitation center just five months later. Visit this page for related information.

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