Alliance Defending Freedom: Defending Religious Freedom, Free Speech, the Sanity of Life, and Parental Rights

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is one of the largest organizations in the world committed to protecting the sanity of life, religious freedom, parental rights, God’s design for family and marriage, and free speech. The Christian community formed ADF in 1994. Many of its clients are Christians, but ADF has also defended the rights of people of other faiths, including Muslims, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons.

ADF’s campus free speech has enabled it to represent students of varied religions, including libertarian, pro-life, conservative, and pro-conservationist. Outside the US, ADF International has collaborated with other organizations to stop genocide against Muslims, Yazidis, Shia, Christians, and other religious minorities.

Alliance Defending Freedom is firmly committed to extending religious freedom to all individuals. Religious freedom ensures everyone explores life’s deepest questions and lives according to their convictions in public squares. This freedom is rooted in human dignity and the governing laws that every government should have limited power over what its citizens believe in. It cannot depend on political power or popularity. Everyone should have the same constitutional freedoms as ourselves to have a free and tolerant society. This means we should sometimes listen to and tolerate what others say, even if we strongly disagree.

Alliance Defending Freedom also ensures students express their viewpoints and important points at public learning institutions. ADF has secured more than 400 victories defending students’ free speech rights. It defended Michelle Gregoire, who wanted to establish the Young Americans for Liberty Association at Kellogg Community College.

ADF’s strategy to defend the sanctity of human life is to ensure that the laws and courts protect children and women while conserving life from birth to natural death. This organization also ensures that parents protect their children’s well-being. For instance, it has filed a lawsuit against a Virginia school board that has enacted policies that discriminate against students of other races. See this page for related information.


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