Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom is an international alliance with the right goal, defending freedom. A study of ADF’s website shows that they’re doing everything to help people defend their freedom. They do this by protecting citizens’ religious beliefs in America and around the world. What is more, they provide legal counsel to Christians who are being persecuted for their faith in foreign countries such as Russia and Vietnam.

ADF is an alliance of like-minded organizations and individuals who are committed to the most basic freedoms, including freedom of speech and religion. They are dedicated to protecting freedom for people worldwide. ADF is unique in that they take on cases no one else will take on, many that involve death threats, torture and even murder. Since there’s a significant amount of persecution of Christians around the world, ADF has been working with governments to help ensure that all people are treated fairly, especially those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a non-profit legal organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael Farris and Jay Sekulow founded it in 1997 as the Alliance Defense Fund. The group’s goal is to defend religious liberty for all people, claiming this freedom is “under assault” from a secular progressive movement.

Alliance Defending Freedom works with foreign governments through their Initiative co-laboring. This means that they provide legal training so that government officials have a better understanding of the free exercise religion clause in their constitution.

Understanding the right that this clause provides is the first step in defending people’s religious beliefs. Whenever a government has a question, they can ask Alliance Defending Freedom, they are prepared to answer it. What’s more, since ADF works with governments around the world, they can refer cases to other group like the IRS and Department of Justice, which have significant experience in foreign law and advocacy.

The Christians in Iraq were persecuted because they were Christian. The government targeted these individuals because of what they believed. Some would argue that this is a violation of these individuals’ human rights. They believe that no one should be targeted because of what they believe in or how they worship God.

Alliance Defending Freedom is unique because of their international alliance and due to their extensive experience with foreign laws and advocates. They do this through their Initiative co-laboring program, which allows for better international coordination between groups around the world. Like this page on Facebook, to learn more.


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