Analyzing the Appointment of John Hailer to the Global Partners Board

When global partners announced they were adding Mr. John Hailer to their team of directors, some people were surprised. However, his appointment was not a surprise to some others as they already knew who Mr. John was and what he was capable of. This is someone who boasts of an incredible record that has seen him impact many of the companies he has worked for before.

For those who still do not know him, Mr. John Hailer had served before at Natixis where he impacted the company in more than one way. His record alone at this company reaffirms the wisdom at Global partners that led to his appointment. Before joining, Natixis was such a small company that was not widely recognized as it is now. When John joined, he used his expertise and knowledge to transform this company positioning it as one of the best solution providers.

Today, Natixis is one of the best asset management companies across the whole globe and even though John Hailer has left the company, his reputation still runs high in the company. Apart from working at the company, John Hailer also worked for the 1251 capital group and here just like at the company, his impact was intensely felt and the transformation he brought about continues to be felt. In a nutshell, Mr. John is one of the few coveted company leaders who boast of a rare great ability to transform any company for the better.

This is why Global partners feel this is the right man to be part of their team of directors. They are looking to tap into his wealth of wisdom and experience to help the company surge in the right direction. Global partners hope that Mr. John Hailer is going to help them work on their strategic goals and attain their goals well on time. His experience in this business is going to be one of the many things that will account for his success with global partners.