Andrew Frame was born in New York City, raised in California, and lived in Utah for most of his life. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in electrical engineering, and after graduation, he worked for several years as a web developer. At the end of 1996, Andrew Frame left his job and started a Frame company.

The company sold VoIP phone systems to consumers. After selling Frame to AT&T, Andrew moved back to Silicon Valley, running the business development and product management teams. In 2001, Andrew joined Ziff Davis as Vice President of Internet Services, leading the company’s transition into mobile applications and mobile commerce. While working for Ziff Davis, Andrew Frame founded a new venture called Ooma, acquired by Google in 2011. Today, Andrew leads Google’s Local Business Solutions team.

The idea behind Citizen App is that we want to help build a better world for all people. We believe that everyone should be able to protect themselves from harm, whether they live in a city, suburb, countryside, or another part of the world. All citizens deserve protection from crime. Technology has made it easier than ever for us to offer our services and products to everyone who wants them at any place in the world.

Citizen App solves the problem that most of us don’t feel safe when we’re out at night. We carry our phones everywhere, giving us a false sense of security. But while smartphones have become indispensable tools in our lives, they also pose threats to our safety. Citizens provide an app that lets users track their location and gives them real-time alerts whenever they enter risky areas. Using GPS and cell tower triangulation, the app sends push notifications to the phone when it detects your position near high crime zones such as schools, hospitals, and public transportation hubs.

Users can choose how much information they want to receive, from basic locations to the nearest police station. With Citizen App’s unique approach to geofencing, the app allows users to know where exactly they need to be to stay safe. See this page for more information.


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