Bryan Legend Continues To March To The Beat Of His Own Drum With His Recent Decisions

Bryan Legend has worked out of his home country of Australia for many years and continues to surprise people with the various business moves he makes. He recently made a decision to stop working with Vulcan Blockchain as its chief executive officer and made the official announcement in early July. He also decided to step away from his work with SafuuGo but did not just shut the venture down on his way out.

Bryan Legend revealed that he would be giving SafuuGo to the community, so it could continue to be worked on. He turned it over to a group of loyal members who changed the venture into a DAO. The decision seemed to be made rather quickly, and this definitely created some curiosity amongst people who had mixed opinions about the move. Instead of making the decision and then leaving in silence, Mr. Legend revealed that he has been having some mental struggles and felt like the best thing to do was to remove himself from the project so others could take over.

Bryan Legend has been known in Australia as a man who is inventive and creative, and this has helped him grow his popularity. He doesn’t appear to be shying away from the public either during this time and recently talked about how SafuuGo is legitimate and has always used legal methods to grow. This is something that is expected to continue as it goes through the changes it is now experiencing.

The move to turn the project into a democratic DAO, by Bryan Legend, allows users to vote on changes to the rules it employs. Combine this with the transparency that is inherent in blockchain technologies, and it seems like a winning project has been reborn. Mr. Legend is now looking to take some time off from work in the blockchain technology sector but isn’t expected to be done with business forever.

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