Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: An Interview with Patrick Lucchese, Founder of Urban Advisors

What are the habits of a successful entrepreneur? Patrick Lucchese, the founder of Urban Advisors, has been in business for over 10 years and offers his expertise in providing consulting services to clients looking to invest in real projects. Let’s dive into the habits that have made him successful! Focus on Quality Before Quantity Mr. […]

Steve Lesnard Leads Sephora’s Return to the UK

The beauty giant Sephora is riding high on their Q4 holiday marketing campaign. Sephora’s new Global Chief Brand Officer, Steve Lesnard, recently announced that Sephora plans to resume operations in the UK in 2023. This long-planned strategic move comes after a long absence – Sephora announced its departure from the UK market in 2005. Now, […]

Olugbenga Agboola is the CEO of Flutterwave

Olugbenga Agboola, the CEO of Flutterwave, recently secured a new round of funding from investors from around the world. This latest investment, led by the American venture capital firm, Tiger Global Management, has boosted Flutterwave’s appeal and given it a more significant presence in the global payments market. Claudine Gay will serve as Harvard University’s […]

NJ Ayuk is a 38-Year-Old Lawyer Who Runs one of Africa’s most Successful Law Firms

NJ Ayuk is a 38-year-old lawyer who runs one of Africa’s most successful law firms. NJ is a Cameroonian. He Ay is the chief member of Centurion Law Group, a pan-African corporate law firm specializing in energy and infrastructure law, representing clients in the sub-Saharan region. The firm’s charter is to help small and medium-sized enterprises […]

Launch House New Arm House Capital Will Transform New Businesses

Launch House has been in operation for several months. Despite its short time in the American market, the community is showing outstanding progress. With more than five hundred members, the facility has demonstrated promising milestones. The founders of the platform come from different cities in the country. These individuals have a market cap of over […]

Launch House, a Private Community Focused On Connecting and Supporting Top Entrepreneurs.

Launch House achievements are many. The house has been a base for many of Boulder’s best startups, and has played pivotal roles in the success of companies like Equinix, Paragon, and many others. They have helped hundreds of successful entrepreneurs get their start with an inspiring environment to live, work and build their dreams. Launch […]

Launch House Unveils House Capital – Its Equity Investment Arm

Today, Launch House, the elite membership organization focused on drawing together and reinforcing top business owners, declared the start of their financial arm, House Capital, and its first investment fund at $10 million. The fund focuses on funding companies in the LH society and other early-stage, high-development startups. The introduction of House Capital will further […]

Launch House Investment In Entertainment

Introduction Launch House has announced House Capital, its venture arm dedicated to investing in new and emerging talent in the entertainment space. The fund will focus on all forms of content, from videos (shorts and series) to podcasts across genres like drama, action, and comedy, through various programming, including a virtual reality festival and film […]