Jason Hope:  An Entrepreneur Who Keeps Things Simple

When many people become entrepreneurs, they automatically assume this means everything will instantly become more complicated. However, within the complex world of starting a business, it doesn’t have to be this way. According to famed entrepreneur and investor Jason Hope, keeping things simple is actually a much easier path to success beyond your wildest dreams. […]

Yubo App Partners With Hive for Innovative Audio Moderation

Yubo, the world’s largest social networking site for teens from China, has partnered with Hive, a San Francisco-based audio moderation startup, to provide young users with a safer and more curated experience. Hive’s automated filtering technology evaluates noise content to remove foul language and inappropriate content. This results in ZERO human involvement while moderating audio […]

How Real-Time Data is Changing Operations in Warehouses

Real-time data has now become a reality in the modern business environment. This is something that organizations never thought would turn into a reality that they would incorporate into their industrial operations. However, as systems have proven, it is now clear that organizations have practiced what they need to address some of the major issues […]

Cloud Inventory Gives Organizations A Chance to Monitor Inventory To Improve Visibility

Cloud inventory can give your business the capacity to control inventory or other processes. With this technology, several benefits are there to reap as an organization. For instance, the technology can help speed inventory turns, enhance visibility, increase productivity, and reduce carrying costs. Cloud inventory can empower your organization with inventory visibility happening in real-time […]