Colcom Foundation Educates Society About Their Impact On The Environment

There are many action steps each of us can take to reduce our impact on the environment. Colcom Foundation continues to educate and offer resources, giving people around the globe a chance to step up and do their part. Parents have an opportunity to teach their children better ways of living to improve the environment. […]

Southwestern Pennsylvania is a Better Place to Live Through the Impact of the Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation is a charitable organization started and sustained by gifts from Cordelia S. May beginning in 1996. Her purpose was to preserve the balance between human activity and nature. The impact of the foundation is felt in the southwestern section of Pennsylvania. Conserving the environment in an area that includes fourteen counties is an […]

Illuminating Positive Impacts: Exploring The Colcom Foundation’s Endeavors

In the realm of philanthropy, the Colcom Foundation stands as a beacon of positive change and impactful initiatives. Guided by its unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving world, the foundation has consistently demonstrated its dedication to making a difference in various fields. A Foundation with a Purpose The Colcom Foundation, established with the […]

Colcom Foundation

The Colcom Foundation is a prominent philanthropic organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, strongly committed to environmental conservation, sustainability, and community development. Established in 1996 by Cordelia S. May, the foundation derives its name from her initials. Since its inception, the Colcom Foundation has played a significant role in supporting initiatives that promote a healthier environment, […]

Empowering Change: The Colcom Foundation’s Positive Impact

The Colcom Foundation has carved an impressive path, spearheading transformational initiatives and empowering communities since its inception. As a dynamic philanthropic force, the foundation has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering positive change and preserving our planet’s rich biodiversity. Bolstering Conservation Efforts One core focus of the Colcom Foundation lies in supporting conservation efforts worldwide. […]

Is Nature is a Human Right? The Colcom Foundation Believes So

Even though the notion of Nature deserving the same acknowledgment and treatment as a human rights, dates back to the 19th century, we still have a long way to go before we can put this into practice. Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson articulated this idea during her leadership term as the United Nations High […]

Colcom Foundation: Empowering Positive Change for a Sustainable Future

The Colcom Foundation is an inspiration in a time when philanthropy is essential to tackling urgent global concerns. The organization has brought about positive change through its unwavering dedication to environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, and migration. The Colcom has made a massive difference for the world and its inhabitants through its strategic projects and constant […]

Empowering Positive Change: The Colcom Foundation’s Impactful Philanthropy

The Colcom Foundation has established itself as a force for positive change through its unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, sustainability, and community support. With a focus on empowering organizations and initiatives that create lasting impact, it has become a catalyst for positive transformation across various domains. The foundation is a member of the International Federation […]