A Pioneer in Environmental Awareness Cordelia S. May and The Colcom Foundation

The Colcom Foundation founding member Cordelia S. May established the foundation in 1996 from her lifelong passion to sustain the planet from human destruction. She recognized how human neglect and population would bring an extreme imbalance to all habitats and societies going into the future. Therefore, her focus was mainly on overpopulation. During the 1950s, […]

Colcom Foundation Educates On Environmental Matters

The Colcom Foundation has become one of the most highly known and respected institutions in the area of Western Pennsylvania. This is due to the group’s insistence on a number of principles that reside at its core. The Foundation exists in order to make more people aware of a number of dangers. These are the […]

Colcom Foundation: Making the World a Better Place

Colcom Foundation was started by Cordelia May, who had a desire to make the world a better place. This foundation has a mission to respect the balance and the beauty of nature. This foundation relies on educating society about the most pressing issues facing the world and creating change in unique ways. One of the […]

Hassan Jameel and the New Face of Enlightened Capitalism

There’s a recurring theme in the modern world: the billionaire with a cause. But Hassan Jameel is charting an unconventional path, showing the world how commerce and charity can coexist, not in opposition, but in harmony. Jameel’s story isn’t merely about accruing wealth. It’s about leveraging that wealth, not just for greater business prospects, but […]

Colcom Foundation: Sowing Seeds of Environmental Conservation

Colcom Foundation is a nonprofit organization aiming to advance sustainability and foster environmental protection. It was founded in 1996 as an instrumental in financing and endorsing programs prioritizing ecological preservation, education, and safety. The Vision and Commitment It is dedicated to making a long-lasting and beneficial environmental contribution. We can guarantee future generations a better […]

Colcom Foundation Determined to Establish Sustainable Systems

It took billions of years for life to emerge on our planet. It required uncounted millions more years for a magnificent array of animals, plants, sea creatures, and insects to develop and evolve. However, after just 200 years, the human race is threatening to undo it all. Since the advent of the “Industrial Revolution” and […]

What Does The Colcom Foundation Do?

The Colcom Foundation supports different efforts to offset the impact on the environment due to the overpopulation of the human population. The Colcom Foundation works in Pennsylvania. The foundation was started by Cordelia S. May. Now while she did not start the foundation until she was sixty-eight years old, what the foundation stands for has […]

Colcom Foundation Educates Society About Their Impact On The Environment

There are many action steps each of us can take to reduce our impact on the environment. Colcom Foundation continues to educate and offer resources, giving people around the globe a chance to step up and do their part. Parents have an opportunity to teach their children better ways of living to improve the environment. […]

Southwestern Pennsylvania is a Better Place to Live Through the Impact of the Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation is a charitable organization started and sustained by gifts from Cordelia S. May beginning in 1996. Her purpose was to preserve the balance between human activity and nature. The impact of the foundation is felt in the southwestern section of Pennsylvania. Conserving the environment in an area that includes fourteen counties is an […]