Chichi Eburu, Entrepreneur, and the Founder of Juvias Pl

Chichi Eburu is the founder of Juvias Pl, a company that sells hair appliances. Chichi is a Nigerian-born entrepreneur who moved to the United States as an adult. She had many careers before starting Juvias Pl, including being a lawyer, real estate agent, politician, and teacher.

  1. Chichi Eburu Launches Grants for Black Owned Businesses

In August 2007, Chichi Eburu founded the Black-Owned Business Empowerment (B.O.B.E.) program. The goal of is to provide business assistance and empowerment strategies to African American entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities with little access to resources, such as grants and training programs, that help African American-owned businesses succeed. The program is run by a diverse group of partners, including other successful black business owners and partners in government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of Minority Business Enterprise (O.M.B.E.).

  1. Juvia’s Place Is Giving $50,000 Grants to Six Black-Owned Brands

According to, Juvia’s Place, Eburu’s hair care company, was one of six black-owned businesses in the United States that received a $50,000 grant from B.O.B.E. In February 2009, the company released its first product line featuring natural hair washes and scrunchies for women with curly or kinky hair. The products are sold at Walmart stores nationwide under the name “B a Nature .”Chichi Eburu launched a Kickstarter campaign for her son’s hair care line to raise $35,000.

  1. How The Black Business Program Works

The program works by providing business assistance, resources, and networking opportunities to black-owned businesses. B.O.B.E. partners with funders, including O.M.B.E. and the National Urban Coalition (NUC), to create programs that mentor and help black-owned companies. The program provides business assistance in marketing, finance, human resources, and other essential business functions.

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