Citizen App Recap

Citizen App, an app that allows users to reach out for help in an emergency, has begun to offer its first paid tool — a safety agent service. The service is now available for full-time residents around the country.

The Citizen App is a great tool for people living in dangerous neighborhoods, college kids, tourists, and even seniors looking to live more independently. The app was created by police officers who believe that this app will make people’s lives safer and more secure.

The tool is aimed at owners of the app, which has millions of users and has helped people connect with the authorities.

By allowing people to request a free safety agent, we are creating a new experience that will help make an even bigger impact in the community. It’ll be something that is accessible to everyone. Whether they’re looking for help or have seen an emergency in their area, it’s a way for people to join together as a community.

Users can now register their “Safety Agents,” who can receive emergency calls from others and dispatch the police or government agencies. The app is available free of charge on iOS and Android platforms. The app notifies the safety agents by a message of emergencies reported by other users.

The Safety Agent service is an evolution of the company’s “reserve a cop” feature, allowing users to connect with local law enforcement agencies around the country. It has been a free feature of the Citizen App since it launched.

The protection feature of Citizen App works like a call center. An assaulted user would push the protect button on the app, and the safety agents are notified. It will also alert the 911 system and emergency response teams. The feature was originally limited to cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The safety agents service will expand the app’s protection feature to users nationwide in the coming months. Users can select any local law enforcement officer as a “Safety Agent,” who will then be dispatched when a user requires help in an emergency. With Citizen App, we’re building a native app that’s connected to first responders across the country and around the world. See this page for additional information.


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