Edgard Corona: Breaking Ground in Latin America’s Fitness Scene

Edgard Corona’s narrative is one of visionary leadership and the relentless pursuit of transformation. From steering his family’s sugar business, Açucareira Corona, away from financial ruin to establishing Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit, Corona’s tenacity and innovation have left an indelible mark on Latin America’s fitness industry.

Corona’s entry into the business world was shaped by the struggle to restore the financial health of Açucareira Corona, where he demonstrated exceptional management skills. Yet, his future lay in a different sector, the fitness industry, which he entered after leaving the sugar industry due to internal disputes.

Corona’s journey in the fitness industry started with Bio Ritmo, a gym chain that initially faced challenges but soon found success, particularly after opening a branch in Avenida Paulista. This strategic move resulted in Bio Ritmo’s expansion across various cities and its establishment as a top player in the fitness market.

During Bio Ritmo’s ascent, Corona’s education did not halt. By attending industry congresses abroad, he gained insights that led to the creation of Smart Fit in 2008. Smart Fit, offering standardized, affordable fitness services, transformed the fitness industry in Latin America and demonstrated Corona’s commitment to making fitness accessible.

Edgard Corona’s mark on the fitness industry is unparalleled. His vision for affordable, accessible fitness, embodied by Smart Fit, has left a lasting legacy in the industry. Corona’s journey from a struggling sugar industry to a successful fitness empire highlights his visionary leadership and business acumen.