Getting Slim with Stitch Fix

The Stitch Fix blog´s article opines that husky men are not barred from wearing slim fit pants. Slim clothing options tend to be avoided by larger men, as many people think slim clothing will highlight undesirable characteristics, which is something I’ve actually done quite a bit in the past. 


The Stitch Fix Fashion blog article goes on to say that the appearance of slim clothing on a larger man is all about the way the clothes fit. If one goes to the store and purchases a random pair of slim fit jeans, they probably aren’t going to fit properly. There is also a recommendation for opening up the mind in regards to various fabrics, putting emphasis on those that are stretchy. 


Stretchy fabric is logical because the pants would be form fitting and would also be more comfortable than pants with rigid fabric. The article also describes wearing shirts that have a rounded hem and wearing them untucked, which would cover the midsection. Stitch Fix covers it all.


At the Stitch Fix fashion blog, I find the information on purchasing shirts to be quite valuable because I tend to worry about my midsection quite a lot when purchasing new clothes (Finance). 


I have also found it to be true that wearing a shirt unbuttoned minimizes the appearance of the midsection, so this is great advice. Slim fitting pants are extremely popular, so I thought this article had great advice for larger men who want to get in on the action. Utilizing the advice laid out by Stitch Fix should help husky men to purchase clothes that fit well and look great.