Haroldo Jacobovicz advice to other IT experts

Haroldo Jacobovicz advices Brazilian communities about the technology issues they are not familiar with. The information technology business executive has studied engineering but still found a place to start a business he loves. The greatest piece of advice Haroldo gives to others, especially those starting their careers, is to put more effort in studies. The Curitiba business man Haroldo Jacobovicz, the firstborn in his family, did well in his studies, but because he had a lot of money to start creating wealth fast, he began working early in life. When money started coming into his life, Haroldo reduced the time he was spending in studies.

Eventually, the IT expert gave up on studies to concentrate on business. Looking back, Haroldo Jacobovicz knows he made a mistake. The IT guru has seen great leaders who have worked and studied at the same time until they got the highest levels of education. Haroldo would have loved to earn an MBA from abroad too before stopping his education journey. The idea of going abroad would have helped the leader to acquire more language knowledge. Haroldo wishes he knew more languages apart from English. Arabic, for instance, was a great language, and it would have helped him in business and more

Haroldo Jacobovicz considers every human being to be a practicing sport. When the activity is happening frequently in a regulated well and with a good defined objective, it can make an evolution. People who play football, basketball or even tennis every weekend enjoy the game and most of them will say they are doing it as a sport. In this scenario, Curitiba businessman Haroldo explains that this is no longer a sport. This game is played because it is a hobby, pastime or a way of recreation. Doing things you love regularly can be an excellent way of living a good life and achieving better goals in life. In business, selecting the industry you love makes all the difference.

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