Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an investor and entrepreneur who has worked in the technology industry for more than thirty years in Curitiba. He is famously known for returning a part of his business to society. In 2021, Haroldo Jacobovicz was anticipated to give around 250,000 reais to the homeless, nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centers, campaigns and institutions for prevention and treatment of adult and childhood cancer, and animal protection institutions.

Visit: http://institutoharoldojacobovicz.com/

For his 60th year, he created the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute, which ensures future humanitarian action. The institute will have a team and budget that will help concentrate on social issues in the final stages of structuring. Haroldo will be the CEO, his wife, the vice president, and his daughters, the legal and administrative directors.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has been following the contributions of his parents to the communities since he was young. The call for philanthropy is a legacy passed down many generations, and he looks forward to leaving his daughters and grandchildren. The family is dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with their support organizations, not just one-off assistance. Some institutions in Curitiba and neighboring regions offer support and donations.

Some of Harold Jacobovicz’s company corporate values are caring for other people and charitable deeds. They provide a technology-based solution that enhances the digital transformation of society. His offices are built to create a conducive environment for his staff as many people spend most of their time working. Employees get comprehensive health insurance and a benefits package that consists of educational assistance, a day off on their birthday, baby baskets to celebrate adopting a baby or the birth of a child, and tribute to family members who passed away. Harold Jacobovicz intends to solve daily problems and enhance the lives of companies, public institutions, and people. The ability to build projects that change ideas into solutions motivates him greatly.