Hassan Jameel Has Ideas To Keep ALJ Moving Forward

Hassan Jameel is a Saudi businessman, investor, and philanthropist. As of December 2016, his net worth was estimated at US$ 17.7 billion. He is the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of ALJ Holding, a family-owned business.

ALJ was founded in 1945 by his grandfather and has since expanded into the telecom, investment, petrochemicals, real estate, and media industries. ALJ Holding has grown from a small gas station into a diversified energy, petrochemical, and investment conglomerate.

Jameel chose to enter the petrochemical industry because of the international demand for oil and gas. He saw the growth potential and leveraged his family’s experience in those industries. His first investment was buying two refineries in Saudi Arabia, which supported him as he expanded his petrochemical assets abroad. This includes a US$1 billion acquisition of an oil refinery from Glencore Plc. Get more information: https://www.communityjameel.org/team/hassan-jameel

Global Growth

Hassan helped establish ALJ Holding’s first joint venture with a Japanese company. The company was partnered with JX Holdings, a Japanese trading house, to start a new petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia. The deal came after the partners built a relationship when ALJ purchased 1.3 million tons of ethylene and polyethylene from JX Holdings.

He also developed an agreement with Toho Zinc to build a $9 billion, 1.5 million tons-a-year aluminum smelter in Ras Al Khair on the Persian Gulf coast near Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Jameel, a Saudi royal family member, has been a philanthropist for decades, with donations totaling millions. Some of his contributions include:

The Hassan Jameel Foundation

He is the founder of The Hassan Jameel Foundation (HJF), which he established in 1992. HJF aims to advance education and promote entrepreneurship through partnering with international NGOs, Fortune 500 corporations, and international media outlets. HJF’s partnerships with NGOs include UNICEF and Unesco, which work to protect children from human trafficking and empower women through higher education. SNCF is one of HJF’s corporate partners in Saudi Arabia.