Health Carousel OnDemand Offers Travel Nurses the Freedom to Roam and Work

Health Carousel OnDemand is an innovative nursing agency that not only offers travel nurses the freedom to roam and work, but also provides a staffing solution for companies throughout the US.

We are one of the few agencies that offer nationwide opportunities for nurses at all levels of experience. This variety enables us to place qualified home health nurse applicants in positions with employers across America, from California to Florida. We are committed to matching our candidates with the right opportunity, so we take great care in understanding each applicant’s preferences and qualifications. Health Carousel OnDemand also understands that home health nurses are not mere employees; they are members of the community. In order to ensure their success, we strive to be just as flexible as they are when it comes to scheduling and availability.

Health Carousel OnDemand is one of the first agencies to be accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We have also been recognized by top nursing associations for our efforts in ensuring that we offer premier service, such as the Institute of Travel Management. We proudly work with thousands of applicants a year and continue to set new standards in the industry every day.

At Health Carousel OnDemand, we treat all of our employees and job candidates with respect. We offer competitive pay and a variety of other benefits designed to meet the individual needs of both parties. It is our goal to work with nurses at all levels of experience, whether they are looking for their first travel nursing job or are long-time veterans. In addition to our job board, we offer candidates the ability to search for opportunities by state and specialty. We understand that many of our candidates are interested in specific regions, so we make it easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for.

Health Carousel OnDemand is a 100% woman-owned business. Our staffing agency is led by industry professionals who have decades of experience working with top nursing agencies and candidates alike.