Jason Hope: Longevity, Stem Cells, and the Search for a Long, Healthy Life

An article in HealthTechZone discusses the history and usage of stem cells. Although there has been progress, it has not led to any meaningful application regarding longevity in humans. The article goes on to quote Jason Hope who is identified as an expert in the field of longevity, or anti-aging.

Hope’s basic conclusion is that considerably more research is needed to fully utilize stem cells in the medical field. He is a philanthropist and an activist investor, he has directed many of his efforts in the medical field. As he points out in the article, there is a danger with over hyping any medical research, and that includes stem cells. 

People get excited and then are let down when the hype does not match the results. Jason Hope provides financial backing for an organization known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS). The purpose of this research group is to increase life quality as people age. It also focuses on preventing disease rather than treating them. They believe that longevity requires avoiding illnesses in the first place.

Activist Investor Jason Hope

An example is Parkinson’s disease. SENS is working on using stem cell treatment for this condition. As Hope alluded to early, research may appear to move slowly. This is necessary so all contingencies are considered, and the end result is actually productive (Doyoubuzz).
Hope recognizes the potential pitfalls of stem cell research and usage. It is a long road but one he believes is well worth the investment. If stem cells can make longevity a reality, then it will be well worth the investment and time. The point is to make a long life a healthy one; just extending life is not enough. Jason Hope wants that long life to be a healthy one. Stem cells have the exciting prospect of making that a reality for humans.