Justin Sun's Lessons for the Crypto Community from TradFi

In a new blog post, Justin Sun argues that traditional financial markets have a lot of potential to be used for the benefit of investors, especially those in emerging markets. In particular, he highlights the potential of blockchain technologies for cross-border payments and other financial transactions. Sun also notes that traditional financial assets such as stocks, real estate, and commodities are now stored and managed with blockchain.

However, he questions whether blockchain can be used to manage a company’s stocks or assets across the globe. In other words, can blockchain be used for everything? With more investors, innovation opportunities, and countries adopting blockchain, will traditional financial assets become more accessible?

On June 28th, Ethereum World News reported that Tron (TRX) Founder and CEO Justin Sun was to address a group of learners at the National University of Singapore. He discussed his vision for blockchain technology and how it can improve society. He also discussed his company’s plans and advised students about their future careers.

An old acquaintance of Sun’s has introduced Tron to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Now Tron is looking to sync its blockchain with that platform’s consensus algorithm, which could help it scale. And given that Tron is a decentralized exchange, it helped buy and sell with a centralized exchange. That is where Tron’s blockchain might come in handy.

Tron just released a new software update that includes a Tron Link feature, which brings together multiple exchanges into a centralized market. With it, Tron can easily sync its blockchain with that exchange’s blockchain and buy and sell.

Earlier this month, the Tron Foundation listed the Tron trademark as its first endorsement for a new services platform in the blockchain space. After signing a partnership agreement with TradFi last month, Tron has now started planning to work with Tradefi’s lead engineer, Chris Maxwell, to help the two companies collaborate on a new Tron-trading platform.

This platform, called Tronix, will emphasize blockchain technology and work with various third-party cloud service providers to create a decentralized, trustless buying and selling system. Tronix will be hands-off compared to traditional financial assets like stocks and bonds, but it will still have the power to affect the price of these assets through a decentralized market order.

Tron Chief Executive Officer Justin Sun revealed that the Tron franchise would be looking to adopt the Tronx blockchain. This partnership would see TronX tokenizing various assets and holding them in a Tron Foundation blockchain. In an interview with CNBC, Sun stated that the partnership would allow for greater scrutiny of Tron franchises.