Krishen Iyer Making a Difference in Health Insurance

Krishen Iyer is the owner of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance company. His company helps its clients find affordable health insurance solutions that meet their needs.


You’re a small business owner who knows your employees are the most valuable asset you have at your company, but you need help offering them great benefits packages, Krishen Iyer states.


He started his career in real estate before moving into marketing and consulting. Krishen Iyer is the Founder and President of Managed Benefits Services. Before starting his own company, he worked in marketing and consulting. 


Iyer studied at San Diego State University and earned a degree in Marketing. After experiencing the difficulties of finding health insurance for his own business, Mr. Iyer realized a great need for more reasonable solutions. So he started Managed Benefits Services to fill that gap in the market. As the founder of MBS, Krishen Iyer also had a vested interest in educating consumers about their options in the market.


He found that people were not fully aware of some of their options, which was probably due to insurance companies not offering all the products to maintain high margins. In the wake of this discovery, Krishen Iyer launched Managed Benefits Services, which is now one of America’s most prominent insurance brokers and consulting firms. 

The company’s goals are to help clients save money on their health care costs while also helping them to get the care they need to be healthy. The company racking up your medical expenses won’t save you any money. Krishen Iyer lists his vision for his company as ”to provide exemplary service to our clients through innovative, high-value solutions.” If you’re going to put a vision statement into your plan, be sure that it is specific and tangible.