Previous Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy, Dr. Jeffrey Harris Concerns on Retail Education

According to the former Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the lack of training and education in the financial markets is alarming. His view is that there are inequalities in financial markets learning centers that need to be addressed. In addition, retail education in the financial market lacks a standard curriculum to ensure financial learning and training meets requirements across the board. Dr. Jeffrey Harris visited the Online Trading Academy (OTA) for an in-depth view of their learning and training tactics. He commends the academy for a job well done by keeping up with students at the university level. According to him, OTA meets the acceptable learning techniques geared towards effective retail education.

The basis and foundation of OTA’s training and education allow students to handle their trading decisions by confidently trading independently. The Online Trading Academy system allows students to learn through high experimental levels and guided practices. Students get to overcome the complexities in the financial market by making real-time decisions. Through learning from mistakes and repetitive training and investing, students get to build confidence. Dr. Jeffrey Harris commends the Online Trading Academy in integrating technology and education. He is impressed with how retail education is enhanced with technology.

OTA’s trading platform, Clik, is changing how the financial market operated by providing an all-under-one-roof solution from education to financial analysis. Clik is user-friendly and applies all the OTA rules. It allows students to instill discipline towards risk management from what they learn from the academy. The Online Trading Academy continues to top in financial education by giving students a platform to develop their trading and investing skills. Dr. Jeffrey Harris applauds OTA’s efforts towards retail education. His passion for financial technology encourages learners to maximize platforms like Clik to advance their investing and trading skills while building confidence in handling financial securities.