QNET’s Way Of Impacting The Economy

The business world runs on constant inflow and outflow of money. Nobody would have money without these two since we all rely on money exchanging hands to get something to go home with. You can become part of this flow by participating in business and direct selling. When everyone has a source of income, life becomes more manageable, and families improve their living standards. This is the goal that QNET had when the founders began the business.

By introducing direct selling, many people can get into business, and consumers can access quality products at a fair price. QNET is not a scam but a way to eliminate numerous intermediaries in the supply chain. Additionally, direct selling increases business-to-business (B2B) relationships, which makes it easier to survive in a large market.

The Three Dimensions

Direct selling under QNET comes in three levels:

Single-Level Marketing

This is the basic level where entrepreneurs look for customers and market their products. In this dimension, you depend highly on your consumer referrals and publicity skills to attract attention. Nevertheless, once you develop a steady flow of clients, you can grow significantly in your operation area. The only challenge with this tactic is that it does not foster growth in a large area since the business relies on a one-person job.

Party-Plan Marketing

As the name suggests, this level requires organizing events where interested individuals can come to get information about your products and business. You can have sample giveaways, competitions, and other fun activities to get them interested. The goal is to eventually create awareness and increase the number of people purchasing your items.

Multi-Level Marketing

This is the highest level and will require recruiting others to sell the product. When more people under you sell the items, you get rewards and commissions automatically flowing into your account. This way, you may not need to do actual selling but rather have others marketing and recruiting more parties into your team.

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