Raffaele Riva Uses His Talents To Help Build Countless Business Enterprises

Raffaele Riva has a longstanding history of being able to manage global financial transactions successfully. He’s worked with companies from many different parts of the world and continues building AUREA Multi Family Office into something he can be proud of. The global financial management firm works with well-off clients from different countries by offering them various focused financial services.

Raffaele Riva built his company in 2008 and has watched it gain steam year after year as he makes all the right moves. The company also works through a variety of tributary companies all around the world, which allows it to help people in many different situations. Some of the countries it operates in include Italy, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, which allows it to work with corporate clients as well as wealthy individuals.

Raffaele Riva has been working in the wealth management sector for a good part of his life. He has also been a part of various teams that have been able to create successful startups that are still doing well to this day. His experience in these areas of business has continually been an asset to himself as well as to anyone who works with him.

Before creating AUREA Multi Family Office, Raffaele Riva learned all there is to know about global business logistics. He worked with many different companies as a board member and also served as an auditing and accounting specialist.

Before beginning his working career, he earned a degree in economics and completed a post-graduate program as well as a second post-graduate program. He also learned how to speak a variety of languages including Italian, French, and English. Today, he continues to work with various subsidiary companies as a chairman of the board of directors. The sky is the limit for Mr. Riva as he looks forward to continuing his success. Follow this page on twitter, for additional information.


Visit his LinkedIn profile on https://uk.linkedin.com/in/raffaele-riva-3410a2116