Real Estate Venues such as the Greycoat Agency are  Seeking to Help the Homeless

The Winter Warmth campaign of Only a Pavement Away is teaming with real-estate companies to create a way to help the homeless to avoid living in the direct chill of creating a warm winter for street people. coming winter. Greycoat, Agency Givers got together with Only a Pavement Away to help create a warm winter for street people. 

Greycoat has proven that it is an independent real-estate company over the past four decades. The London based firm of tremendously skilled professionals work on major projects like office buildings. One such office building is in Birmingham called Lionheart. 

Lionheart is a charity for professional surveyors. Many property professionals are experiencing hard times in the economy and need assistance. The new building for Lionheart is located right in the middle of the Birmingham business district. Greycoat adds that Lionheart helps its surveyor students, and those who have retired from surveyors. 

Greycoat real estate has plenty of experience in areas like managing and developing assets. They also specialize in leasing properties, sourcing and creating acquisitions, and lastly corporation managing. There are many corporations out there in London, England and surrounding areas. 

Between the months of November and January, the weather can get very chilly. 

Imagine how bad it can get for someone who is stuck out on the street without a warm home to go to as Greycoat puts it. There are companies that include Lionheart and Only a Pavement Away that use offices in office buildings to run the business of planning and collecting goods and services for helping the needy.