Robert Kraft: Entrepreneur and Sports Powerhouse

Robert Kraft is an American entrepreneur and humanitarian. He owns Kraft Group, a conglomerate dealing in paper and packaging, real estate development, private investment portfolios, and sports and entertainment. He also has other holdings in Gillette Stadium, New England Revolution, Rand-Whitney Group, and International Forest Products, among other venture capital investments. However, his reputation is mainly in light of his ownership of the National Football League’s New England Patriots.

Robert Kraft took ownership of the club in 1994. At that time, the club’s performance was relatively dismal. To put this into perspective, the club had only won 229 games in three decades, implying it only had about seven wins per season. He was convinced he would turn around this club, and it didn’t take long for the results to be evident.

Five years under his tutelage, the club had won 49 games, made it to playoffs multiple times, and even progressed to the Super Bowl. By 2021, the club had won 341 games, translating to 12.2 wins each season, double the pre-Kraft leadership performance. As a climax, Forbes Magazine named Patriots “The Best Team in Sports.” This was clearly among the greatest transformations in sports history.

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft was born and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts. He attended Columbia University and Harvard Business School for his master’s degree. Robert Kraft is an adept businessman who has risk-seeking strategy that embodies the true entrepreneurial spirit. His career started in the paper and packaging industry, where he later acquired that company. This was followed by a series of other risky acquisitions, which paid off generously. The best way to describe his genius is; where other people saw risks, he saw an opportunity for reinvention and growth.

He has received countless awards for his accomplishments in his sports career and other areas. Among these include the Theodore Roosevelt Award for the distinguished citizen of national reputation, the Lifetime Achievement award by the Sports Business School, and the Ron Burton Humanitarian Award.

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