Steve Lesnard Sephora Global Chief Brand Officer

A brand is everything the company stands for; you buy your products because you like them, not because of anything else. A brand represents what the company does and why it should be trusted. Brands create trust between customers and companies through communication channels such as advertising, social media, websites, etc. If brands fail to communicate with the public, they risk losing market share to competitors. So businesses must make sure their brand message creates trust and communicates effectively. Steve Lesnard is an award-winning online entrepreneur and digital marketer. As a passionate outdoorsman, he has spent many years traveling around the globe. Steve Lesnard’s passion for creation comes from his love for sports, nature, and adventure.

SteveLesnard is the current Global Chief Marketing Officer for Sephora. He works closely with other staff members to create an engaging customer experience through all channels. His main areas of expertise are digital strategy, social media management, influencer relations, and marketing research. Steve Lesnard has worked for companies like Samsung, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, and American Airlines. Before joining Sephora, he held various marketing positions, including VP/Marketing Director for Viacom Digital Media, VP of Global Digital Strategy for Walt Disney Corporation, and Senior Director of Integrated Campaigns and Social Media for American Airlines.

Since working with the brand, Steve Lesnard has helped to expand its reach through the development of innovative marketing campaigns. He also oversaw a significant rebranding campaign and worked closely with The North Face’s design team on several signature collections.