The Rise of Diogo Corona and Smart Fit Fitness Chain

Brazil’s fitness industry has been experiencing much growth in recent years, and one of the companies leading the charge is Smart Fit. The chain has successfully expanded its presence across the country, and the man behind this success story is Diogo Corona. A recent article on NeoFeed sheds some light on the company’s rise and Diogo Corona’s role in making it happen.

Smart Fit is an affordable fitness chain that offers gym memberships for as low as R$99 per month. This price point has made it accessible to many customers, including Brazil’s growing middle class. The fitness center has been expanding at a breakneck pace, opening 186 units nationwide in 2020 alone. This brings the total number of units to 954, making it the largest fitness chain in Brazil.

Diogo Corona is the CEO of Smart Fit and has been instrumental in its growth. He has been with the company since 2010 and became CEO in 2016. Since then, the chain has grown exponentially, thanks to his leadership.

One of the reasons for Smart Fit’s success is its use of technology. The company has an app that allows customers to book classes, track their workouts, and even buy supplements. The app has been downloaded over 18 million times and has been a key factor in the company’s growth.

Another factor in Smart Fit’s success is its focus on customer experience. The company has invested in creating modern and functional facilities that offer various workout options. Additionally, the company has offered virtual classes during the pandemic to keep customers engaged.

The rise of the fitness chain is a testament to the growth potential of Brazil’s fitness industry and the vision of leaders like Diogo Corona. The company’s success has been built on various factors, including affordability, technology, and customer experience. Go Here for related Information.