The Vision of Jason Hope on the Internet of Things and Anti-Aging Research

When people talk about innovative minds, they cannot fail to mention Jason Hope. He is one of the most influential internet gurus in the modern world. He has built his identity on solving problems using different technology resources. Also, Jason is bold in making future predictions involving technology evolution. Jason graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with his MBA. Apart from being an innovator, Jason takes pride in participating in charity events. As an entrepreneur, Jason has a unique thought process to foresee coming mechanics.


What does Jason Hope think about the Internet of Things?


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? How does it work? The upgrade in technology in the past decade has changed the world to a more digital society. Jason Hope  believes that IoT will be the future technology to solve most human problems. IoT is a connection system combining digital devices that can share data. Technology has made it easy for the mass production and supply of smart devices. 


Jason Hope on Blockchain Technology

The ‘Thing’ in IoT can represent a tool or a channel device with active sensors to transfer data. Jason believes that a time is coming when everything will be one with technology. He agrees that The Internet of Things will not only be efficient in business but also in your personal life. Jason Hope knows that people all over the world will complete tasks within the shortest time possible due to IoT. Besides, IoT will also advance in bettering health problems and improving your lifestyle.


What does Jason predict about anti-aging?


The SENS Research Foundation is the target firm for Jason to predict an anti-aging cure. Jason shared his ideas with SENS on future longevity concepts in 2010. Jason has now become an elite member of the foundation in fulfilling its mission. One of the major visions of the company is to study and create a cure for the aging process. With this idea, Jason Hope finally states that the SENS Research Foundation will focus on curing aging-causing illnesses. The prediction will only come to pass through the use of biotechnologies.