Yubo Partners With NCMEC To Provide Safer Online Experiences

Online safety today includes much awareness and protection from cyberbullying, internet scams and harassment, pornography, identity theft, predators, and violent content. For these reasons, Yubo has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to address these dangers to keep our users safe. The partnership will provide app users access to a secure browsing experience and NCMEC resources like the CyberTipline.

NCMEC will use its partnership with Yubo to provide educational resources, free of charge, for parents, guardians, and educators on how to protect children from online threats. NCMEC also works with computer companies that make software and hardware to ensure they have the necessary capabilities to protect their users from cyber threats.


The app will also add features to keep users safe from cyber bullies, internet scams, and sexual predators, like the Google Safe Search filter, which prevents sexually explicit material from being viewed. The NCMEC CyberTipline also allows users to report abuse and will be added to the app “s reporting tool that, enables its users to report incidents directly during the app’s range of functions.

The CyberTipline will make it easier for users to report cyber crimes, whether the incident has occurred or is ongoing. It is especially important for those under 13 years old, who do not need to provide their names or contact information. Victimization is difficult to prevent, but by reporting the crime and actively trying to stop it, the hope is that fewer individuals will become victims.

Yubo encourages users to report anything they find questionable while using their app. Reports can be filed anonymously, allowing NCMEC to contact users directly. This information also helps NCMEC track trends and identify potentially harmful cyber behaviors. Your safety is important to us, and we urge you to report anything you consider unsafe or inappropriate by visiting our app.